Women 's Rights Of Women

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August 18, 1920 was a day in America that would forever given women more equality than they ever had in this country. On this date, the 19th Amendment was ratified allowing women the right to vote. This was a historical day that gave women across America an opportunity to take part in voting for the leaders in their country . Before this time, men were the only ones allowed to vote there not allowing women to be part of forming the laws in their country. However, once this amendment was passed, women started to make great strides towards equality with men. Over time women were becoming more educated and were starting to have a voice in the legislative process even becoming an elected official Even though changes were starting to take place , women were still seen as housewives and the primary caretakers of their children while the father was viewed as the primary breadwinner. Still, changes for women in America would continue to take place allowing women to have a larger role in society. However, women of Muslim countries were not fortunate enough to have their lives move in the same direction Muslim women were once seen as equal to men, but in most Muslim countries that are now considered interfior. Before the time period of Muhammad and the religion of Islam, the women of Arabia were considered unimportant and treated as slaves. If a family had a female child, they would either kill her or would bury her alive. It was not until the time of Muhammad that the role of…

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