Women 's Rights Of Women

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There is a widespread belief in Egypt that Gender Equality is an attack on Egyptian Culture and a foreign agenda imposed by the west rather than a basic human right. However, this has not silenced Egyptian Civil Society on the issue of women 's rights, with the Arab Spring helping many women find their political voices. The National Council for Women and other NGO’s in Egypt have worked tirelessly to defend the legal status of women and their place in society. The Arab Uprisings have made popular the belief that change is possible, and many established organizations have united with younger volunteer-led organizations in fighting for fundamental change. The most important recent development for Women 's Rights in Egypt is the new constitution which was approved in January 2014, with 98.1% of people voting in favour of it. This constitution is tailored to the freedom of its all its citizens as both equals and individuals rather than the previous prescribed identity forced upon citizens. Now is the time for women 's rights in Egypt. The second wave of the revolution on 20th June 2013 has created the opportunity for the Women of Egypt to make their voices heard and overcome the oppression of previous regimes in order to take their rightful place as equals in society. HR HAVE NOT IMPROVED FOR WOMEN However whilst there is an air of optimism in Egypt about the amelioration of Women’s Rights, there has so far been little tangible change since the Arab Uprisings. Egypt’s first

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