Women 's Rights Of Women

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In this paper, I will be talking about how women in today’s society have more rights now, than they have ever had. We are still not to the point where we should be, and where women are as equal as men, but we are much closer than we were in 1861. Through out the last 150 or so years, there have been many changes in women’s rights. Women can now vote, own property, initiate divorce, and get an equal education as men. To many people, slaves were slaves and nothing more. They were property and they were told they didn’t deserve any rights to their freedom. What many people don’t think about is how women in slavery were treated, compared to the men in captivity. A few things women in slavery were subjected to; the workload compared to men, relations between the women and their masters, and what happened to their children. In some instances, women were very much considered equal to the men in the ways that they would have to complete the same amount of work that the men would. They were not treated differently, if they didn’t get their work done they would have punishments. Most narratives written by slaves, explain descriptions of violent whippings and deprivation inflicted on slaves. Many times, this was in slave’s narratives to appeal to the white readers, and their emotions. The majority of the time, men would do the hard work and the physically demanding work, while the women were usually in the houses. They were servants to the slave master’s and their wives. They did all
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