Women 's Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social, And Economic Equality

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The dictionary definition of feminism states that feminism is the “advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” However, this definition raises controversy due to a lack of preciseness. In order to achieve a precise definition, one would need to define equality because it is safe to say not all men are equal (i.e. white supremacy). The true definition of feminism, is the desire to end sexist tyranny and patriarchy. Feminists do not hate men as many, ignorant of the true meaning of the definition, believe, but rather the stereotyping of women on the basis of their sex. Some common stereotypes include, but are not limited to, the belief that all women should want to have kids, all women were created in order to make their men sandwiches, and women can 't be in charge or be the “breadwinner” of their family. While some women want to have kids and not be in charge, it is unfair to assume and categorize all women as such. Because these stereotypical assumptions perpetuate an even further divide between men and women, feminists seek to destroy this limited thinking. Feminism defies the victim-blaming culture that young girls are brought up in. Most public schools today endorse dress codes that really only affect females. Girls are often sent home to change for wearing a top that shows too much shoulder or midriff due to the fact that boys are somehow incapable of learning while a girl 's arm is bare. This reasoning is
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