Women 's Rights Socially, Economically, And Politically

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Throughout history mistakes are made, tragic events occur, and wars arise. As a result, people document these events, write stories, or simply express their emotions. In particular, this can be seen in many American movements such as Romanticism in which people believed logic and reason can only get one so far. As time passed these movements became a thing of the past and are seen irrelevant in today 's modern age. However, one movement that is still relevant today is the advancement or support of women 's rights socially, economically, and politically. For instance, three texts that still tie with Feminism today is April Showers, A Journey, and Fullness of Life. In April Showers, the author illustrates the many difficulties a woman undergoes attempting to support her family by being a writer. Furthermore, in A Journey, it depicts the hardships a woman encounters when she is forced to accept the unknown. Lastly, in the story Fullness of Life, it displays a woman meeting her destined partner in the afterlife, which leads her to realize that what she wanted is not what she needed and as a result, she decides to wait for her husband leaving her destined partner. Overall these works still demonstrate the cruelties and unfairness that females endure in America today. Therefore the most relevant American author today is Edith Wharton because her work still reflects women 's oppression in the workplace, their struggle to be completely independent and be thoroughly understood by
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