Women 's Role As A Role Model

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Single mothers are beginning to occupy what should be the traditional household. Though many women argue that chivalry has been lost, there are still some good men left in this world. Women now-a-days are more independent and self-sufficient. Due to this more and more women begin to live alone and raise their family without a husband and play the role of the mother and father. Some guys do not deserve these hard working women, but it does not mean that the woman needs to raise a family alone. Fathers and husbands are still needed because it does not only concern the wife, but the child as well, such as being a role model, a supporter, and an extra pair of hands. Fathers are still needed in a traditional household because the mother cannot play the role of a male. To be a father is more than just the title and gender. Anyone can be a biological donor from the male side, but it takes more to be a father. A father can teach a child to be respectful, yes a mother can do the same, but there always has to be a good cop, bad cop scenario. Especially if the child is a male, the mother can be a stern as she wants, but as the child gets older, he will realize that he is not afraid of her. This is where the father steps in and plays the role of the authority figure. Mothers that say they can do it without the help of a father affect their children more than they think. “Children who live in this environment are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, premarital sexual

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