Women 's Role During The 19th Century

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In our current time much has changed from the past, men and women are “equal”, but realistically speaking there will always be certain standards set for women that will always differentiate from those set for men. The change in women’s role in the 19th century showed improvement because they began to speak up and refused to be silenced until their voices were heard. This made a deep oppression in the history and lives of women for years to come, but there will always be a standard set by men for women to overcome. The way women are seen today is very different than it was two hundred years ago when our only role was to be mothers, cooks, take care of the children, take care of the home and the husband, and we could not express what we had in mind. Basically this was the typical role of a woman, while men were seen as superior to women and therefore were taking all the decisions not only regarding to them, but also regarding to women and what they thought or wanted was not taken into account. Women were seen as passive and weak, and not as reliable to accomplish all that physically or mentally men could. While it is true that women have accomplished many things throughout the years and that we now own our lives to do with it whatever we want, whether it is be a mother, teacher, businesswoman, and models or have any other type of career we want. It is also true that women of color did not get as many rights and opportunities as white women and were still seen under the…
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