Women 's Role During The Civil War

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¨The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of Women the very foundations of life are poisoned at their source” (Rose 1). Lucretia Mott was only one of many women in which had to go through this tough time known as the Civil War (Biography.com Editors 2). Women during this time threw away their old ways of being a housewife and everyone helped contribute in the war somehow, whether if they were young or old they helped (History.com Staff 1). Though not often mentioned, women played a huge role in the Civil War. The Women stood up to the plate during the Civil War. The Women 's role before the Civil War cleaned, cooked, and took care of their children while the men always worked. During the Civil War, while still dealing with cooking, cleaning, and taking care of their children women created fundraisers and organizations. These organizations were made to help their loved ones, the soldiers, while they were in war (Brown1). Some of the most successful organizations were Ladies Hospital Aid Society, The Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, United States Christian Commission and the Sanitary Service. (HSP Staff 3) (Brown 1) The Ladies Hospital Aid Society organized and sent supplies for soldiers off at war (McGrath 1).The Volunteer Refreshment Saloon provided support services to soldiers on their way to or returning from the Civil War (Temple 1). The Civil War Christian Commision distributed thousands of tracts, bibles, and pamphlets

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