Women 's Role During The Pre Colonial Nigeria

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Women have played an essential role in the pre-colonial Nigeria. Chinua Achebe exemplifies this argument in his book, Things Fall Apart. Also, he emphasizes that British colonization in Nigeria has expelled women from political, economic and other cherished roles. Before the British colonization women took part in most of the aspects of life in Nigeria. Although women’s role in the pre-colonial Nigeria was not the same as the role of men, women were highly respected and valued. Without women, Nigeria would never been able to survive because women played an important role in Nigeria’s future. Their roles were equally important and honored as the men’s roles. British colonization in Nigeria brought an irreversible change to the role of woman, leading them to lose their value and power. Women’s role was vital in pre-colonial Nigeria because it was harmonizing with the role of men in teaching their children. Sylvia Leith-Ross, the author of African Women: A Study of the Ibo of Nigeria, explains that “Culturally, African women were the transmitters of the language, the history and the oral culture, the music, the dance, the habits and the artisanal knowledge. They were the teachers and were responsible for instilling traditional values and knowledge in children. Men were also essential in the transmission of knowledge to the youth because they had a different type of knowledge of the earth and environment, and also of ceremonies and traditions that were performed exclusively by
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