Women 's Role For Society 's Stereotype Towards Women

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Women are a seemingly recurring discussion due to their roles within society, the family, and the Church throughout the years. Sociologists believe in the principle that women “are human beings equal to men” but we see women struggle with inequality due to gender even to this day. The women presented in the Bible such as Mary and Eve are the first instances women have had any form of significance within text. This may be one of the reasons the role of the women has been established and the reason for society’s stereotype towards women. Being the first few women, they have influenced and shaped the role of women till modern day. In order to fully understand this topic, one must consider the question of what are the distinguishing factors of both a man and woman. According to Merriam-Webster a woman can be any of the following: distinctively feminine in nature; a woman who is a servant or personal attendant; a wife, mistress, or girlfriend. Where are a man can be any of the following: a man of boy who shows qualities such as strength and courage that men are traditionally supposed to have, a woman’s husband or boyfriend. One must note that in these definitions a woman is to act feminine whilst a man should possess masculine traits such as strength and courage. To search for the traits associated with feminine I looked to the synonym word for wife, a mother. According to Spencer (1984), a mother is defined as “loving, gentle, tender, self-sacrificing, devoted, and limited in

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