Women 's Role Model Of Women

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In ancient Greece, females were restricted to nurturing their children and fulfill domestic duties within the household. In fact, women had a very limited social power and no political power at all. In Euripides, Medea, the protagonist is more than just the main character. She has become an ageless figure of feminine revolution. Although, we should recognize that Euripides doesn’t give the perfect role model of a woman, he just shows the complications that women have. He gives us real women, who have suffered and become twisted by their suffering. Medea serves as a model for the women betrayed, to the sacrifices of personal power to another for love, of marriage corrupted. Other women in the story such as the nurse and Chorus represent the female population as a whole. Women during this era were mistreated, degraded, and controlled. As Medea is a foreigner, she feels obligated to surrender her position to a Greek woman, but will not accept the female stereotype in society. Medea exhibits examples of countless women who were unable to speak in a male dominate society, seeking justice and equality for traits considered against the norm of female culture. In Ancient Greece, literature was a reflection on what values society was thought to have. Men were the dominate figures in holding all the political and social power while women had no part in politics and their voices were not supposed to be heard. Euripides eliminates ideas of traditional men in society by crafting

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