Women 's Role Of Ancient Rome

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Paper #1 Women’s role in ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was one of the biggest and most influential civilizations in history. The world we know would not be the same without its involvement. Romans practically shaped the Western history, which influenced the whole world as the result. They affected the modern government’s systems, laws, arts, literature, languages and even religions. The importance of it is great and undeniable. Unfortunately, most of the works and sources we have today are written by men and lack sources about women in the ancient Rome. Most of the time in history books, women’s roles and achievements are hardly even mentioned. Even though the Roman Empire was very progressive and
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On the other hand, the involvement of them could still be proven by the sources that historians do have today. Ancient Rome people believed that religion and their relationship with the gods directly affects their lives, prosperity, and achievements. As the result, it had a huge and important effect on their civilization and history. “The Romans hoped, if not expected, that the gods would hold up their end of the arrangement if Romans did what was demanded of them.” (Schultz, p. 1) And they believed that what was demanded is doing special religious practices. This kind of approach shows the importance of religion for Romans, especially the rightness of rituals execution. Since a lot of these practices involved women’s participation and could not be performed without them, females affected the proper enactment, which Romans believed directly affected their lives and well-being directly. Moreover, antient Rome had a special role for women in religion, which was very influental and respecred. Vestal virgins were essential part of the religion and influenced families, marriage and relationship approach of Romans. They were “in Roman antiquity, priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. The vestals were vowed to thirty years of service as virgins: ten of learning, ten of performance, and ten

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