Women 's Role On The Home, And Would This Create A Domino Effect? Essay

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Latina women have come from a long line of women that know their place and the values that she should uphold. Marriage is one of the biggest stepping stones in a women’s life, she finally gets to up bring and have her own family unit. She follows and stands next to her husband all the time. She is no longer intentionally part of the family unit that she once was. In this research my main questions regarding the way Latina women have overcome and dealt with the problems faced on a daily bases in regards to Gender Violence in Latino Communities. To what extent do Latina women follow the societal expectations or roles a woman should have? What are the barriers that undocumented woman face when looking for resources, Is there stigma ties to undocumented women, or Latina women? Are societal expectations still a key role on women in these communities in regards to how to deal with domestic violence in the home, and would this create a domino effect?
The research question this research is aimed at to really to affirm to reaffirm, what has already been stated in previous scholarly articles, but as well to bring a geographical area of study that would bring up different data as well as stories that come along with investigating gender violence in Latino communities. When do these woman say enough is enough and being to look for help in the community? Are there even proper resources that provided the necessary help? Many women do not look for the help or resources that the community
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