Women 's Roles During The Early 19th Century

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Today citizens of the United States all have the essential rights to vote in a democracy, regardless of their skin color or gender. This, however, was not the case many years ago prior to 1920. In fact, women or people of color were not allowed the right to vote. Nevertheless, over time the roles of women began to change and with changing roles, women began to be more aware of their rights, thus began to fight for equality. Without the beginning of woman’s suffrage and early women reforms done in the early 19th century, the right of women to vote could have never been successful; changing roles of women from the beginning of the colonization age lead up to the idea of woman’s suffrage. Women’s roles during the the earliest ages of American history are different from women’s roles today. During the colonial era and the seventeenth century, women often married and stay at home, taking care of the home and their family. Governor William Livingston once described a notable wife as one who “placed their renown in promoting welfare of their families.” (Norton 4-5) Women are taught to take care of their family, mainly taking care of their children and husband, and maintaining her household. Women living in rural areas according to Liberty 's Daughters: The Revolutionary Experience of American Women by Mary Beth Norton, still have the responsibility to prepare food for their family, but other roles included cultivating a garden and raising poultry. ((Norton 21) Generally, they
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