Women 's Roles During The Elizabethan Era

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What were the Women’s Roles in the Elizabethan Era?

Women’s roles in the Elizabethan Era times were hard and brutal as they serve men all their lives. The etiquette of women was as a proper lady should be. This quote states, “ nature hath made to keep home… and not to meddle with matters abroad, nor to bear office in a city or commonwealth no more than children or infants.” (The Life in Elizabethan London.) The roles of women are deeply outlined in everything. They were always viewed as the weaker sex. Women could not work in any politics, medical, and/or laws. Some single women were accused as witches. Men always holding the upper hand may chastise their wives, if needed. However; the men may not inflict bodily harm or cruelty. As a young child, a girl starts to work around the age of six. She starts with mining younger siblings, cooking, cleaning, mending, and sewing. While she grows, she begins to start having an appropriate manners with etiquette. Such as; to curtsey in front of adults, to use proper grammar, to speak with madam, sir, master, and mistress, and to receive blessings from their parents and Godparents. Once she becomes married, her occupation shifts to caring for livestock, collecting eggs, making butter and cheese, cook, and to give birth. Also, she learns how to harvest the grain once it’s picked. Young girls goes to school with the boys until about seven. This school is called “Petty School.” They may continue until the age…
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