Women 's Search For Selfhood

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Women’s search for selfhood, for self-discovery or identity are themes that are represented in Kate Chopin’s work. Chopin was on the same regular path as other women in her era. She got married at the age of twenty and had six children. When her husband passed away Chopin wanted to support herself so she decided to start writing which was also an outlet for her feelings. During the nineteenth century women were getting sick of the rules that were forced on them and Chopin expressed her feeling towards it through her writing. Her feelings led her to freely comment on society which successfully demonstrated the movement of feminism. Chopin was a big influence for women who wanted to be treated equal with men and have the same opportunities they had. Chopin 's stories contain much mental understanding of deep things that draws attention to her characters and plots. Important themes in her writing were female sexuality, inequality of men and women, male dominance. Chopin can use the physical setting in her stories to bring attention to important themes, affect the way of thinking of the characters, and add to the mood of her stories.
Kate Chopin’s work displayed the difficulty of women living in a society where women were dealing with so many restrictions. The Awakening and “The Story of an Hour” were her best work and became very popular. Her stories will sometimes involve a death of a character because she experienced many tragic deaths in her life. Her father died when she
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