Women 's Self Esteem And Body Image Struggles

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The United States of America has always had this ideal of what the perfect women should look like in today’s world has this idea that being the perfect women is the most essential inquiry in today’s world. Photographers in the fashion industry spend hours and hours editing pictures, taking off beauty marks, shrinking curves, and taking away women’s flaws, changing their looks to the ideal body we all have in our minds, completely flawless. There’s this stereotype of the white perfect girl having a slim figure, no curves, crystal clear blue eyes, ravishing silky long wavy hair, and sculptured cheekbones. This is the main reason why women have self-esteem and body image struggles. They look around at today’s supermodels and start question their true identity and if they’re enough. Eating disorders start rising from here; females try to reach a certain number in the scale and look up to a model so much that they try to copy their body figure and starve themselves until they reach that goal. Weight loss, vitamins to lose weight, diet pill and plans, and many more of these are turning into commercials streaming on TV worldwide. The rate of eating disorders has been rising since 1950 and 69% of elementary school girls that read and look at magazines have reported that these pictures do influence how they feel about their body and their ideal body image while 47% of them said these pictures make them want to lose weight and indulge in a weight loss plan. (Martin) Your identity also
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