Women 's Self Esteem By Jean Kilbourne

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Society creates an unreachable picture of how a beatiful women should look. These pictures are posted in magazines, the newspaper, ads, etc. These pictures begin to consume a women’s self esteem trying to look like the women on the posters. Jean Kilbourne demonstrate key ideas how bad this is for a women’s well being. Based on the socialization a women becomes accustomed to they begin picture that skinny model as the ideal women, and anything besides that is simply not good enough. Seeing thousands of ads a day a pattern starts to become created in a woman 's’ head without knowing it or wanting it. Their personality begins to change in order to try to fit it and try to become more socially acceptable. Their customs change in order to help reach this goal. Women forget to realize they are competing with an artificial picture created in a computer. The media portrays an unattainable picture for women. The realization in this is that not one or two women begin to feel this way, but instead all women creating a new tradition inside the culture they currently are in. While trying to look like that perfect women on the billboard women themselves begin to dehumanize themselves. This makes it easier for the media to continue doing what they are doing because they have already brainwash the women that they are not good enough for society. Men also add to this problem by having super high expectations of a women. This is especially true in this current generation because women want
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