Women 's Serenity Group Of Alcoholics Anonymous

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I attended my first 12 Step Meeting on September 20, 2016, the Women’s Serenity Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was held at the Providence Presbyterian Church and was an open meeting for women only. My second 12 Step Meeting was a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting on September 30, 2016. This was an open meeting at Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church called Back to Basics. My third 12 Step Meeting was an open Al-Anon Meeting held at St Matthews Catholic Church on October 3, 2016. I was very apprehensive about going to a 12 Step Meeting. This was an unknown to me and out of my comfort zone. I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. I felt uncomfortable at the thought of going to a 12 Step Meeting. I thought I might know someone or someone might know me at the meeting. I didn’t want to invade anyones privacy nor did I want anyone to think I had a substance abuse disorder. Because I do not have personal experience with addiction my imagination was ramped coming from movies and negative stereotypes . I imagined AA and NA Meetings to be filled with people that would look like the movie addicts, people with untidy appearances and borderline offensive hygiene with tobacco and coffee breath. I even imagined there would be a few people drunk or high and even a few swaying in their chairs. I then imagined an Al-Anon meeting filled with emotional mothers and fathers, distraught spouses and unstable children. I pictured AA, NA andAl-Anon Meetings as very depressing,
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