Women 's Status Of Women

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Status of women in the society derives from different sources in Bangladesh. Unlike the western society Bangladeshi women hardly demand the absolute equality—equal share in parental property, full freedom and liberation as individuals. Rather they love to see their roles within social contexts and would prefer gender equity within the traditional framework. The status of women in our society can be explained from the social attitude and from the legal aspect which is the last resort of this deprived section. There has been steady improvement in the social and political empowerment scenario of women in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh is committed to attain the objectives of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and MDGs in conformity with the fundamental rights enshrined in the Bangladesh Constitution. Constitutional and Legal Status
In Bangladesh, the proliferation of statutory mandates and the state constitutional provisions against sexual discrimination are both catalyst and consequence of changing attitudes towards the status of women is becoming tangible.
The legal system of Bangladesh has its legacy from British India and Pakistan and it has a dual system consisting of general and personal laws. The general law is formally based on egalitarian principles of sexual equality, but the personal and family law is based on religion and culture with

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