Women 's Struggle For Equality

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Women in American society have endured numerous struggles to fight for equality throughout history. Today American women have come a long way by narrowing gender gaps and becoming successful in aspects of life that are prominently male dominated. Although American women are living a better life than they were years ago, they still deal with inequality when it comes to the workforce, income, politics, domestic duties, and sex. The reason women are not equal to men in these aspects of life are because men hold most of the jobs in the STEM fields of work, make higher incomes than women in the same level of employment, dominate congress and the government, not looked upon to take care of the house duties, and are praised for sex rather than shamed like women are. Living as an American woman today is far from difficult but in contrast, living as an American man is still substantially better. Women have dealt with constant battles in the workplace but the most important was the ability to work alongside men in any field of employment. As stated in the article, “Women in the Professional Workplace” by Jennifer Dorning, “the status for women in the workforce has improved over the last several decades, but many women still struggle for equality in many occupations” (Dorning). For example, women are extremely underrepresented in the fields of science, technology development, and engineering making up only 20% of the people employed in these particular categories (Pinker). From
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