Women 's Struggle For Women

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Society tramples women. People shout at women for establishing sexual liberation, scoff at women who choose to strive for any career that does not involve housework, and rage at women who challenge the patriarchy. Unfortunately, men decided to use the female gender as a default “handicap” for centuries. They say the woman has an inability to differ emotions from facts or that she cannot compete with men because of her “physical inadequacy.” However, these notions bring up irrelevant factors in regards to current life. Unlike the majority of arguments made against women, modern-day feminism brings newfound hope into women’s lives. Although the concept of feminism continues to spread throughout the world by several forms of media, people remain ignorant concerning the issue of women’s equality. The systematic oppression that women face creates obsolete gender roles in society. While women’s struggles persist as a major problem in today’s world, men believe they face similar troubles. “And this is also why men often object to feminism but are afraid to explain why: of course women have a justified grievance, but most men believe—and with reason—that their lives are just as bad” (Theroux 570). Unfortunately for men, the perception of “manliness” happens to cause many of the problems they face when dealing with societal expectations. From a child’s first ability to walk and form words, society expects boys to become “manly” men and girls to become “feminine” ladies. These terms
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