Women 's Suffrage By Susan B. Anthony

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“Women, we might as well be dogs baying the moon as petitioners without the right to vote!” These were the famous words of a key leader in the women’s Suffrage Movement, Susan B. Anthony. In the past, the rights guaranteed to men were not applied to women, and therefore caused great injustice. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that women started to take a stand and fight for their voting rights. As a result, these actions caused a positive impact in our country and now, women have equal rights as men, as it should. There are some that say that it is just another part of history and that there is no importance behind it, in other words, it is irrelevant compared to the Civil Rights Movement for example. Women’s suffrage was a positive impact through the leadership of Susan B. Anthony, their hard work and contributions, and their succession in the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. First and foremost, the fight for women’s rights is something that has occurred throughout time not only in the United States, but in every part of the world. When it comes to the United States, one cannot deny that it was an important historical event. “The struggle for women’s suffrage in the United States had occupied better part of a century” (Source 1). Truly a struggle, for it was not acknowledged by men in the past, primarily white man who had full rights in the nation. Susan B. Anthony was an important leading figure of the Suffrage Movement and contributed to the Suffrage Movement.
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