Women 's Suffrage By Susan B. Anthony

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In American history, the United States had several of social movement. People created social movement because their want society to aware in problem of society. Some want society to know about famine, oppression and poverty in their life. Others want society to know about inequality. One of the most famous and most powerful movement is “Women’s Suffrage”. The movement of women that call for their right to vote. Susan B. Anthony, the woman who influences in progress of women’s suffrage. Belief of Anthony effect on American society. Belief that everyone in society should be equal and she believe that she can create this equality. Anthony devoted herself to fight for women and to be the leader of women’s suffrage. She can be the principle of women’s suffrage because problem of her family that made her found her way, Interest in politics and participation in social issues, and her best friend who support and encourage her to achieve her dream. The United States of America, a country that gives freedom for everyone. Country of democracy. Unfortunately, In 100 years ago, the country of freedom did not give right for women to vote. Back to 1792, in the first election of America, this election accept only white men can vote because people think that they have an education and have knowledge about politics. 100 years later, decision for election of American accept black men for vote as a result of civil rights; that society realized about racism and segregation. At that time,…
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