Women 's Suffrage By Susan B. Anthony Essay

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Woman 's Suffrage was the struggle for woman 's right to vote and run for office. The mid 19th- Century women in different countries formed organizations to fight for suffrage. The first international woman 's rights organization formed the International Council of Women (ICW) in 1888. In 1904, the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) was formed by British woman 's rights activist Millicent Fawcett, American activist Carrie Chapman Catt, and other leading woman 's right activists. Susan B. Anthony played a huge role in the woman 's suffrage, she had traveled around the country to give speeches, circulate petitions, and organize local woman 's rights organization. Her family moved to Rochester, New York in 1845 and they became active in the antislavery movement. The antislavery Quakers met at their farm almost every Sunday, where Fredrick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison sometimes joined. Susan was working as a teacher and became involved in the teacher 's union when she discovered that male teachers had a monthly salary of S10.00, while the female teachers earned $2.50 a month. Her sister and parents both attended the 1848 Rochester Woman 's Rights Convention held on August 2. Her experience with the teacher 's union, antislavery, and Quaker upbringing, made her realize that it was time for a career in woman 's rights reform to grow. Her career began when she met Cady Stanton in Seneca Falls in 1851, Susan began her interest in the woman 's rights after

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