Women 's Suffrage Movement : Lucretia Mott

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Claudia Cross Mr. Costello Pd. ⅞ 3/17/16 Women 's Suffrage Movement: Lucretia Mott The Women 's Suffrage Movement impacted the United States by giving women the right to have a voice and to finally be able to vote. Achieving the right to vote was the culminating event of the Women 's Suffrage Movement. The Women 's Suffrage Movement was also known as Women 's Suffrage. The movement was the struggle for women to be able to vote and run for president. It was also closely linked to the women 's right movement. In the mid 19th century women in several different countries, mostly the United States and Britain began forming organizations to fight for suffrage. The suffrage movement in the United States gained prominence with the first women’s rights convention in the world: the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 (History.Net). In 1888, the first International group was formed, The international Council of Women (ICW). To obtain the right to vote and run for president for women would be a long process, these women activists were willing to do what they had to do to obtain this goal. The process would start in Senca Halls, New York for the first gathering devoted to women 's rights in 1848. About 100 people attended the convention, two-thirds were women. This convention proceeded in successive waves. For this success women reformers would address social and institutional barriers that limited women 's rights. Rights such as, family responsibilities, a lack of education and economic

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