Women 's Suffrage Movement : Susan B. Anthony

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Men and women are supposed to be equals. Women are supposed to share equal rights and opportunities with males, but sometimes women experience discrimination and face inequality. (It’s not only women; people of different genders/sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and etc. face discrimination still to this day). Some look at this world as if it is a man’s world, and women were put on this Earth to help their husband, have kids, and raise their children. Well, women can do more than that! Not only men, women can be leaders and hold high positions too. Women can go into male dominated professions, and be successful. When feminism comes to mind the first thing I think of is the women suffrage movement. Then I think of the 19 amendment and how it gave women the right to vote (a right we should have had in the first place). Susan B. Anthony is a well-known feminist who believed that slavery should be and would be ended, and not only that she pushed for women to have the right to vote (the right they had been denied at the time). I also think of the early 20th century in America, and several things that happened. There was Margaret Sanger, who in the early 1900’s pushed for people to be educated about sex (sex education). Also, she pushed on the topic of contraceptives which at the beginning many people didn’t like the idea of at first. I also think of women like Coretta Scott King who not involved in the Civil Rights Movement, she was also a feminist. She also had a part in the
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