Women 's Unit Fishbowl Questions

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Women’s Unit Fishbowl Questions

1. How do the ways that the different roles for women (student, worker, wife, mother, etc.) get prioritized by the media and society in general affect the feelings of self worth and achievement for women in America? A woman’s ability to achieve self worth and personal fulfillment is clouded by the pressures and expectations imposed upon them by society. The media prioritizes different societal roles of women and overlooks her accomplishments as an individual. Throughout history, women have always been told how to act in order to be deemed acceptable in society. Women are controlled by the media, men, as well as other women, which leads to the feeling of being a “plaster doll… with eyes that open without landfall” (Sexton). Because most women did not enjoy much independence prior to the beginning of the modern feminist movement, they felt as though she is nothing more than a housewife whose role is to dress up and look presentable in front of the people around them. Most women wanted to be more than an object, however, women at that time were only expected to please their husbands and follow the rules by the book. Similarly, the prevailing notion that women are constantly judged by the decisions they make in society keeps them from acting freely due to the fear or being criticized. Britney Spears “wouldn’t want to do or say anything that would upset anyone,” (Perotta) which shows how women are forced to present themselves in a way that is…
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