Women 's Unorganised Sector : Case Study Of Maid Servants

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Women in Unorganised Sector – Case Study of Maid Servants in Ahmedabad Varma Kirankumari B. SHETH C. L COMMERCE COLLEGE OPP SONARIYA BLOCK NRAR CHURCH RAKHIYAL Kiranverma8141@gmail.com ABSTRACT The socioeconomic transformation of Indian society in the present century and especially in the post- independence period in the form of industrialization, urbanization, westernization, spread of education and enhanced employment opportunities for women has brought about a series of perceptible changes in the status, outlook worldview and, attitude of Indian women, specially educated middle class women. Now and more have been coming out of the four walls of their homes in search of gainful employment which is evident from the slow but steadily rising female work participation Rate (WPR) during the last three censuses. According to 1991 census female WPR for urban areas was 7.18 which rose to 8.31 in 2001 and finally to 9.91 in 2011. Keywords: work participation Rate, Unorganised sector, Urbanization INTRODUCTION Diverse social structures and supporting ideologies created by patriarchal society have confined as well as defined women by restricting them to roles and activities described as female within the four walls of the house. This emancipation has brought about a great change in the life of women throughout the word, influencing their attitudes, values, aspirations and ways of feeling and acting the effective participation in all walks of life. Women with men, from

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