Women 's Wider Pay Gap And Their Downfall

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Lucy Martinez
Dr. McGoldrick
Soc. 309
22 November 2016
Women of Color’s Wider Pay Gap and Their Downfall
Although all women suffer a wage gap among men, there is worse inequality among the women alone. White women are known to make more income and gain more wealth than women of color with a similar educational level. My focus is on how women of color face more discrimination, therefore creating profound negative long-term consequences. Not only is this financially affecting them, but all aspects of their lives including their families. This makes it hard for them to get support to be financially stable and have upward mobility.
To begin with, when looking back into history, we notice that the female gender was a barrier to certain privileges before the Women’s Right Movement. Yet, race and ethnicity always played a bigger role even before that. With both a person’s sex and race being ascribed characteristics, (9/27/2016) a person would assume similar lifestyles, but reality is far from that. Instead, we have social problems like women competing against other women just to achieve the same pay for the same job, as if competing against men wasn’t enough. To be more specific, I am referring to women of color working twice as hard to keep up with White women.
Furthermore, although during the 1980s women slowly but surely accomplished to have a slimmer wage gap, the U.S. was still at this time known to have the highest level of income inequality out of all industrialized

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