Women 's Women Can Get Hurt

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Women in society feel they are being objectified, and feel as if they are not getting the same respect as men. Through many examples it is shown that not just women, but men are also being objectified. After the realization of men being objectified as well, there is a combination of objectification towards women, and men throughout all forms of media, for the reason of publicity. Firstly, to explain the objectifications of women, within today’s society. Kilbourne’s article, “Two ways a women can get hurt,” expresses in many ways the different kinds of brutality men has towards women. For example, she says “Sex in advertising is pornographic because it dehumanizes and objectifies people, especially women…” (Kilbourne 271). The two words in the quote to amplify are “especially women.” Sure women get objectified in advertisement, although so do men. Men and women both have a side to the objectification of each one another. For every ad a man and his cologne attracting women, there is an ad for women perfume attracting men. Although evidently, it seems, men are going to pay attention to the ad with pornographic images of women, more than women having the attention of an ad with a pornographic photo of a man. On the other hand, gladly to see that Kilbourne is not completely on the women’s side. Along with the Calvin Klein ad she quotes, “There is no question that men are used as sex objects in ads now as never before” (Kilbourne 278). She is exactly right with this
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