Women 's Workout Facility For Women Over 40 Years Of Age

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Business Plan For "Women 's Workout Facility for Women Over 40 Years of Age" 1. Introduction: In today 's age staying fit has become a lifestyle necessity. More and more people are joining various health and fitness centers. Our business plan is to provide a state of art workout facility specifically for women over 40 years of age. On doing a quick survey we found that around 1500 women aged above 40, around 76% of whom are working, live in the block in which we are planning to open our centre. There are 2 fitness centers and a yoga facility available in area. However membership of these women in such facilities is only 15%. In our survey we also enquired about such low participation and found out that though these women are enthused to…show more content…
Further $1000 will be spent on their installation. Furniture and fixtures including reception desk, filing cabinet, chairs, and light will cost around $700. Expenditure on electronic items such as computer desktop, music system, air conditioner will amount to $1200. Three expert workout trainers, one yoga instructor, two aerobic teachers, one nutrition and diet counselor and a receptionist will be hired. Following are the daily working hours and per hour rates as per the current market standards (working days are to be assumed as 330 per year) Workout Trainer 9 hours @ $25 per hour Yoga Instructor 3 hours @ $20 per hour Aerobic Teacher 3 hours @ $17 per hour Nutrition and diet Counselor 2 hours @ $22 per hour Receptionist 9 hours @ $15 per hour We have found an idle location for our facility, in a prime location, around 1.5 miles east from the commercial and Business Park of the city. Such a location is easy to access for our customers while going to and from office or in between any work breaks.

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