Women’S Equality. Almost Everyone Knows That Women Have

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Women’s Equality
Almost everyone knows that women have been treated differently than men. According to Lauren Plaza, “The 1800’s was a time when most women were dominated by men” (2017). Men have been considered dominant, in-charge, smart, strong, and more physical. On the other hand, women have been considered weak, uneducated, more peaceful, and the ones to take care of their child. In the 1800’s, women were unable to vote, not able to work, not allowed to get an education, they were considered their husband’s property, could not make any financial decisions, and couldn’t own any type of property (Plaza, 2017). Women also couldn’t play any type of physical sport because it was a “manly” thing. What makes a women weak? Why
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The Female Seminary Movement turned out to be a huge success for women having equal education, and this was due to there being tons of generous donations.
As years went on, more movements and acts were developed. For instance, “In 1963, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was amended; which prohibited sex-based wage discrimination between men and women in the same establishment doing similar work” (Sink, 2008). This led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was passed by Congress and signed by President Johnson (Sink, 2008). This act “prohibited discrimination in the work environment based on gender” (Sink, 2008). Four years later, there was a protest on the Miss America Beauty Pageant. One hundred women protested on it because it promoted “physical attractiveness and charm as the primary measure of a woman’s worth” (Sink, 2008). After all of these movements and acts, women were finally given the right to vote, were allowed to work and receive equal pay with men, they could finally receive an education, and so forth. This built up a lot of self-confidence in women, and they didn’t want to stop making impressions on the world, so they continued to do so.
There are so many inspiring women that have changed the world. Just a few examples of these legendary women include: Billie Jean King, Benazir Bhutto,
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