Women’S Studies Is The Study Of Women. Women Have Their

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Women’s Studies is the study of women. Women have their own programs and degrees in order to secure and define the importance of equality and how women measure in the world. Man Studies is not heard of; it is not a degree many people rush to major in because it does not exist the way Women’s Studies do. Women have been normatively considered the submissive gender in comparison to men as the dominate gender. Gender Studies seeks to understand both social constructions of femininity and masculinity in order to understand why society created them to be this way. Masculinity is not specifically about the male sex. Its’ main attachment is to the man but not exclusive. Women can be considered masculine as well even if they are normatively…show more content…
They were manly bearers of babies with no real hint of being feminine at all. On that same page, page 33, there is a picture of the women in Allison’s family. They are shown as women who do not care for the rules of etiquette when it comes to sitting up straight and taking care of one’s appearances. They look like they have seen dark places and came back a little different each time, unlike higher class women who are protected from the dark by the men they marry. Female masculinity is represented in the lower class families who have single-parent households and not enough income to provide as well as buy what makes a woman feminine, like make up. These women work hard every day in Allison’s family to give their children the best with the least amount of money. She describes these women as “manlike” allowing and image of a female with more muscle, a harder set face, and hands calloused by a day at work. Masculinity is also different along intersectional lines of race. It is not a overgeneralization that all men have to follow the same masculine identity or they are not considered masculine men. In the chapter Dude You’re a Fag written by C.J. Pascoe, he goes to a high school where the term “fag” is being thrown around loosely among the male sex of the school. However, this is more dominantly seen in the cis-white men of the school and not their African American counterparts. With being a man
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