Women's Access To Abortion

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Imagine yourself back in time when you were baby. Your mom takes you to a strange place, and a strange man in a lab coat appears. He suddenly grabs you with cold metal tool, it’s hurting you, and you are yelling for your mom; it’s like she doesn’t even hear you. He hurts you even more by pulling you piece by piece. Your mom is just there, watching it happen. “It hurts mommy, make them stop! Why would you do this to me? Why would you let them hurt me? I thought you loved me, mommy? It’s OK, I still love you, mommy. Goodbye mommy, I will always love you. I got to go with God now,” you tell your mother. Why would a mother murder their own innocent child? Many people believe Donald Trump is a schmuck, or many more mean words,
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The thing with this world is not everyone knows the right answer. So, we cannot put an infant’s life in the mother’s hands. Abortion should not even be a thought in someone’s head, especially the carrier, or the mother. Hillary Clinton is “going to offense in the fight for women’s access to abortion.” If women have access to abortion, this is like giving a serial killer a box of knives and loaded weapons. She thinks she “will defend a women’s right to choose”, but what about the one who cannot even talk for themselves. Clinton “believes we need to protect access to safe and legal abortion,” but is there such a thing as “safe abortion?” If someone is trying to kill another human being, you have to make sure it is done safely, that is the message Hillary Clinton is giving to…show more content…
We need his intelligence to help improve our education system and put it our children’s mind at a higher level. Also, we need his toughness for our military, so we can take down the bad guys in this world, such as ISIS. America also needs his great negotiation skills. He knows how to navigate complex deals and how to convince a wide variety of industries, businesses, etc. He would be the best president candidate for the job of the president, just by his
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