Women's Argument Against Abortion

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She knew she had made a mistake as she lay on the examination table crying out loud for the baby she had just lost. There was no going back now, she’ll never be able to hold her child and all she could do is cry. She has lost her baby forever and now how to force herself to move on, regretting her initial decision of the abortion and causing self-hatred upon herself. Surprisingly, this is a very common scenario that many women experience after having an abortion. On average, over one million abortions are performed worldwide on a yearly basis by mothers seeking to the termination of pregnancy. Women choose abortions as an option for various reasons, ranging from being a victim of rape to not being able to care for a child. Pro-life activist…show more content…
In the 1970s--strictly 1973-- abortions during any term were considered illegal, accounting for numerous problems arising from secondary options of abortions. Women of poor financial statuses would conduct their own abortions or depend on incompetent practitioner to perform their abortions. Typically, self-abortions would include women inserting dangerous items into the uterus, vaginally, or douching with dangerous chemicals (“History of Abortions”). As a result of self-abortion, the casualty rate of women increased dramatically, as well as, the rate of infertility. On the other hand, women of a higher financial status and wealth depended on physicians who have more credentials. Before the legalization of abortions, many physicians and practitioners risked it all to provide for the women in need of an abortion (“History of Abortions”). Both the physician and the women would suffer harsh consequences if they are caught; including the physician losing his licenses to practice in the medical field. Although all abortions at this time were illegal, procedures done by medical professionals turned out to be safer than the self-abortions being done by others. Compared to abortions done by the women themselves, or their incompetent practitioner, abortions done by medical professionals proved to save more
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