Women's Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortions are a very controversial topic, they raise a lot of questions and a lot of arguments from people who have different points of view. When one thinks of abortions our minds right away go to a woman and her unborn child. The man seems to fall off the picture. When it comes to abortions the woman should have the final decision about what happens to her body and her unborn child. Although, it is true that an abortion affects the woman more than the man, the man should be more involved in abortions, they should atleast be well aware of the woman choice and should be able to voice his opinion before she makes the final decision. Overall, abortions are seen as only a woman's issue even though they affect men too. Men who have had their child aborted have started opening up about the pain that came along, the grief that they had experienced afterwards. The University Hospital in Umeå, Sweden states that, “Most…show more content…
Thus, the participation of the man remains largely invisible.”(qtd in “Abortions affect men, too). People often forget that man are also involved in abortions and in the making of the child, they seem to forget that he had a part. Because there's not a lot of men who speak up about their rights when it comes to fatherhood, the jury and the citizens forget that they too can be affected by abortions and could have their lives turned upside down. “The media and pro-lifers too, for that matter focus on abortions as just a woman's issue, and that is indeed how the issue has been framed over the years. But abortion is
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