Women's Changing Status in China

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Women’s changing status in China

Women 's changing status in China


The role of women is China has changed a lot over the years. When we consider the position Chinese women held in ancient society, we find that they have come a long way to be where they are today.
In the ancient Chinese culture, the role of women was very restricted. They were raised by their parents until the age of marriage to be given away to another family. When living under their father’s roof he was the one they had to obey to, once married they then had to obey to their husband. Women were restricted to the walls of their home, which is no longer the case nowadays.
Traditionally, the family has been the most important unit in society, it
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4) Wedding gifts: once the letter and gift accepted, the groom’s family also passes on gifts for the family such as cakes and religious items. 5) Wedding arrangement: both families agree for a date (usually it would be a « lucky date » for the soon-to-be-married couple, according to Chinese astrology) 6) Wedding ceremony: it is the final ritual, the bride and groom finally becomes a married couple, followed by the wedding night.
We notice that both the bride and groom did not make any arrangement. They did not have any choice but to follow their parents’ will. Once married, women had to serve their husband and their family. They often became a sort of servant to their mother-in-law, to whom they had the obligation to obey. Families were omnipresent in the marriage; it was a very strict marriage where women had no other choice but to listen to men of her family.
Another big part of the traditional Chinese wedding is the fact that concubines were allowed for the husband. A husband could indeed have more than one wife. As for women, if their husband died at a young age, they were not allowed to remarry; it was death penalty in case of remarriage.
During the Tang dynasty (628-907), there was a “legal” document to allow men to divorce women, but it was followed closely by the State. 1) No-fault divorce: marriage can be wound
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