Women's Contributions to the War Effort and Women's Vote Essay examples

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Women's Contributions to the War Effort and Women's Vote

I agree with the view that women gained the vote due to their contributions to the war.

Previously, men have done the vast majority of the work, with women mainly being homemakers and mothers. Whilst the men were away fighting, women had to stand in for them at work, and proved that they were just as capable as men to do the work, and at some jobs, better.

Emmeline Pankhurst married a barrister and was the leader of the suffragettes. She could rely on her husband's social status to help progress. I do not think they helped themselves by chaining themselves to buildings and setting fire to post boxes, however, once they started
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It could possibly have been because whilst the suffragettes had temporarily given up their campaigning in favor of the war, the suffragists had time and space to move forward in their campaign.

Before the war, women did have jobs, just not the same jobs as men. Women were servants and dressmakers and suchlike, they did not handle heavy materials etc. When the men went away to war, they proved that they could, and would. At the end of the war, women were doing jobs such as shipbuilding, grave digging, bus drivers and steel workers. Many men felt threatened and resented the women, but this was mainly in certain, extremely masculine circumstances. Most places welcomed women, as they were incredibly short of workers.

Women favored working in the munitions factories most of all. It was dirty and very dangerous and turned their skin a yellowish colour. Due to the demand for bullets and ammunition, the factories were expanded and most of the workers were female.

When the war ended, however, the women had to go back to their previous jobs, as the men returning from war wanted theirs back. It seemed that nothing had changed, and during the war, the women were only there, as the employers had no choice but to employ females. Men tried even harder to protect
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