Women's Experience Of Postnatal Care

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Statistics and data have shown that women are less satisfied with the care they receive post-natal compared to the care they receive during antenatal and throughout labour including those women who receive caseload midwifery care (Forster et al., 2016). Thus, this assignment will focus on some aspects of care that influence a women’s experience of postnatal care and changes that can be implemented to improve women’s satisfaction with the early post-natal care they receive. In addition, there will be a discussion about the role of the midwife in providing postnatal care that will be more satisfying for women. The first part of this essay will discuss how women feel on the postnatal ward, focusing on interactions with their care providers and routine care. Following will be a discussion about the physical environment of the postnatal ward and lastly, will be a discussion about the current length of stay in the hospital and how it may be affecting the women. Women are much less satisfied with the care the care they received during their post-partum period compared with the antenatal, labour and birth care they receive (Forster et al., 2016). A peer-reviewed qualitative study, ‘Critical views on postpartum care expressed by new mothers’ aims to explore woman’s negative experiences of postnatal care (Rudman & Waldenström, 2007). This longitudinal study was a continuation of a previous qualitative study conducted by the authors who found 26% of women were not
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