Women's Fight for Gender Equality

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Years and years of fighting for their rights, women continue to strive to demonstrate that they aren’t just stay home moms or maids; they have proven to be much more than that. No matter how much work women put into something or how intelligent they can be, some people continue to believe that women will stay less superior to men by receiving less pay or appreciation. For instance, while being a mother there are struggles in finding a job that will give women flexible hours to be at work and home; this results to putting “pressure on women to limit their labor force” (p.74, Chicago Journals). Although this may be true, ever since the nineteenth century, women have become more independent and found successful jobs outside their homes. By not including this movement, many events that occurred wouldn’t have happened, and some businesses wouldn’t be able to achieve the success they contain now without the help from women. Even though men have the trait of overruling women, women continue to prove that they work diligently in their household and their workforce, and society must treat them as equals.
In “Greater gender equality,” Adema points out that women devote just as much hard work as men do in life. No matter what employment gap women have from men in the workforce, women apply equal or more hours into not just one but two jobs (<issue). Adema explains how different work experience men have from women when men work 40 hours a day. However, some women choose to work part
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