Women's Fitness Magazines Essay

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Fitness Magazines Women’s fitness magazines are supposed to inform females how to get fit and be healthy; however, they continuously send messages to women that they have to fit certain standards of flawless skin, sex appeal, and dangerously low amounts of body fat. Women in their twenties and thirties are feeling the pressure from society to conform to body images seen in magazines, such as Heidi Klum who is 5’9.5’’and 119lb, Carmen Kass who is 5’10.5’’ and 114lb, and Elsa Benitez who is 6’ and 125lb (Magazine Dimensions 153, 162) (supermodelguide.com). (Are these the healthy bodies that we should be trying to obtain?) Fitness Magazines need to revamp themselves and give women healthy, realistic images and informative articles so…show more content…
Fitness magazines, however, have a different image of what the terms fit and healthy mean. When looking through the index of Fitness, many articles show how to lose weight and look good. Shape’s content is not much different. Women with hardly any body fat fill magazines. They all wear revealing outfits which display their sex appeal. With the images shown in fitness magazines, the definition of fitness is distorted. The definition of fitness becomes the image projected by the magazine: slim, beautiful, and sexy. Some cover stories and content for the November 2002 issues of Fitness and Shape have titles such as “Get Bulge-Free in 20 mins. A Day (You’ll love, love, love your body!),” “Calorie shockers in your favorite foods!,” “Quick Trouble-Zone Fixes: Best moves for flat abs, slim thighs, a firm butt,” “New sexy dresses to look sleek,” “Target your weight loss: Lose 5, 15, 30 pounds,” and “The Flawless-Skin Diet.” Shape says in an article entitled, “The Ultimate Guide to AB Training”, “You’ll be looking stronger and sexier…in no time” (Sherman 84). The articles make dieting weight loss sound like a simple task. They say eat this and do not eat that; work out harder and longer. In reality this puts a lot of stress on a women’s body, and can be unhealthy if women lose too much weight or have improper nutrition. Some women have gone to simpler and faster ways to lose weight by using dieting pills. Women want weight loss to be as simple as reading a magazine
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