Women's Flight Of Women: Case Study

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de los Santos depict women, many with tiara-like headdresses or cloaks?
... that organized horse fighting has been a traditional Miao Chinese New Year observance for 500 years?
... that the orientation of new Etruscan temples may have been decided by augurs observing the flight of birds?
... that U.S Army Lieutenant Ethel Weed was a pivotal figure in establishing women's rights in postwar Japan?
... that Graham Waterhouse began his String Sextet, Op. 1, in 1979, and completed it 34 years later?
... that the Electro-Dynamic Light Company, organized by Albon Man and others, was formed three months before the Edison Electric-Light Company?
... that medu vada was popularized outside of South India by Udupi restaurateurs of Mumbai?
... that Girls' Generation is the first girl group to have three
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May 5: Feast of St George (Palestinians); Liberation Day in Denmark, Ethiopia, and the Netherlands; Yom HaShoah in Israel (2016); Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and the United States; National Day of Prayer in the United States (2016)

Issue of Pravda
Issue of Pravda
553 – The Second Council of Constantinople, considered by many Christian churches to have been the fifth Christian Ecumenical Council, began to discuss the topics of Nestorianism and Origenism, among others.
1809 – Mary Dixon Kies became the first American woman to receive a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
1912 – The Bolshevik newspaper Pravda (issue pictured) was first published in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
1980 – The British Special Air Service stormed the Iranian Embassy in London, six days after Iranian Arab separatists had seized it.
1991 – Rioting broke out in Washington, D.C., after a rookie police officer shot a Salvadorean man in the chest.
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