Women's Health Care For Teens Through Menopause, Family Planning

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Part1: Overview
A great way to start a healthy pregnancy and a healthy life begins with the help of a midwife nurse. According to Caroline Porter Thomas, an expert in nursing career explains,” Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) are responsible for providing medical care to women before, during and after pregnancy. They can also provide primary women’s health care for patients in any stage of life” (Caroline Porter Thomas). Which means that midwife nurses are more known for maintaining a women healthy throughout her entire pregnancy and also after the baby is born. After the baby is born, they also teach a women how to take care of a baby when they are first time mothers. Midwife also focus on helping other women with health promotion and preventive care, primary care for teens through menopause, family planning and contraception, sexuality, and mental health are some of the other health problems that midwife nurses can assist you with, but they are more well known for pregnancies. There are two types of midwives in the United States, which are nurse midwives and midwifery. A nurse midwives is trained in both nursing and midwife. A midwifery is a person who directly enters like midwife without being trained as a nurse. These nurses serve more as a counseling person who hear your health problems and they try to inform you more about the health issue and help you get better. Midwife contribute in our society, because they are experts who help women maintain a healthy life so they

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