Women's Health Care Services

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In a rural county of Iowa, several women and young children were showing up in emergency departments and shelters needing medical assistance. These women were homeless and living out of their cars or in nearby parks. There was not just one specific ethnicity. In fact, these women and children were Hispanics, non-Hispanics and African Americans. It was noted that they came from a neighboring city where there was little assistance given, forcing them to relocate. Consequently, these women learned about this little community of rural Iowa from local papers as well as social media, allowing them to make such a move. Unfortunately, this population of women and children are underserved because of several devastating factors. According to Colorado (2012),”The medically underserved do not have health insurance or cannot afford it; those who do have insurance sometimes face insufficient coverage.” Also they have trouble accessing health care services due to their illnesses or disabilities. Lastly, people who live in remote areas have trouble finding sufficient health care services. Besides being medically underserved, these women also face certain barriers, in which, prevent them from accessing medical care or information. According to the Department of Health (2016) barriers, “may include groups of persons who face economic, cultural or linguistic barriers to health care.” In other words, if a child and mother cannot speak English, it would be harder for them to understand their…
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