Women's Health Magazine Analysis Essay

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Women’s Health Magazine Analysis

The Vogue Magazine cover features Lea Michele wearing a pink tank top with a white miniskirt embroidered in colorful patterns. A celebrity is used to intrigue women into reading the magazine by surrounding Lea Michele in bold text that suggests tips on looking younger and healthy. Behind her is the text “Women’s Health” in bold, pink elegant letters. She is wearing a gold bracelet, a necklace, and a gold ring on her fourth finger of her left hand. Her face appears to be glowing as she grins towards the camera with her wavy hair flowing around her. The text surrounding her are in pink and black text in contrast to the white background. Above the magazine cover reads “Your Fast Track To A Flat Belly”.To the non-critical eye, it could be an informative magazine that gives woman an insight on taking care of their body and giving exercising tips.However, it could be implying that women should only look a certain way and should look more youthful to become more desirable. …show more content…

Due to the fact that the text, “Slim Legs! Firm Butt!”, is in big, pink letters and highlighted.This image perpetuates the idea that fitness for females means achieving a high standard of fitness that isn’t easy to attain. Not to mention that above the magazine cover it reads”Your Fast Track To a Flat Belly” also implying that every woman’s fitness goal is to have a flat belly, omitting woman who don’t want to have a flat belly or want to be stronger instead of trying new diets. Since, not all women can achieve this goal, it can lower their self esteem and provide tips that are not beneficial to their health. Michele’s clothes are meant to purposely show off her body along with her various accessories. Her gold ring, silver necklace and gold beaded bracelets are added to give the impression that she is the typical feminine

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