Women's Health Magazine Analysis

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Lea Michele is being featured in the Women’s Health magazine while wearing a “Fresh Summer Style” as said in the text under her. Her outfit consists of a pink tank top with a short, patterned skirt. Michele has lightly tanned skin and is smiling a perfect smile with her white teeth. She is positioned with one hand on her thigh, and the other near her neck. On her left is the writing “Lean and Sexy now,” “Age-Proof your Whole Body” with “Whole” being underlined, and “Have Hotter sex- Tonight!” in bold letters. At the top near the magazine name, in the smallest of fonts, lies the sentence “It’s good to be you.” On top of that, in big bold letters is the sentence “ Your Fast Track to a Flat Belly.” On the right side of Michele are the phrases “12 ways to control cravings,” “Wear this, not that! Fresh summer styles,” and the highlighted text “Slim legs, firm butt!” Since there is a white background, Michele stands out with her colorful outfit. Dark colors are omitted,…show more content…
Magazines like these are trying to hypnotize you into their way of thinking, and we need to critically analyze it for ourselves. The smallest text on the magazine says “It’s good to be you.” Oh. Is it now? Then why are you trying to change me by having bolded words saying to age-proof my whole body, get on the fast track to a flat belly, and “Wear this, not that!” In addition, this magazine is supposed to give us the fear that if we're fat, we're also ugly. Basically, Women’s Health Magazine is not only mocking us but also shaming us so that we'd feel bad enough about our body to change ourselves. If you think about it, this can also be seen as a marketing boost, because they’re trying to get people to subconsciously buy their beauty and exercise products. Everything is corrupted in society and as they feed us more lies we welcome it with open mouths, not even questioning. We need to start
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