Women's Images in William Wordsworth Romantic Poems

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1.1 Basic Consideration Basically, the woman’s images in literature has a part which is cannot be separated with literary work and the reality at the time. In Western Europe, 18th century, there was a complex era for intellectual movement, artistic and especially literature. The increasing of industrial revolution influenced the art, music, literature in the line. Poem became one of the important literary works to see the historical phenomenon in that era/time of the literary published. It includes what or how the society face the women. William Wordsworth as one of famous English poet had shown it in some his literary work. In this case, writer will focus on three poems. They are: The Daffodils, She was a Phantom of Delight, and The Solitary Reaper. However, this research will concern on the literary works only without implicate the life of the poet or the social phenomenon which influences the literary works. Hence, New Criticism or researchers are known as Formalist Criticism is the approach which is used to analyze the poems. The main reason why do the writer use New Criticism as the “knife” to “dissect” the poems are because people will know how the poet (William Wordsworth) represents the women in his works as “work”. Therefore, there will be no effect from the extrinsic elements of poem which has been already explained. Moreover, the result of this research is will produce the pure literary analysis based on the literary works itself. It will develop the critical
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