Women's Inequality During Ww2

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During World War II, America and Canada had many of their men overseas. They had to find new ways to support their troops and fill the gaps of the men who were not home to work. As a result of the shortage of men, women began working and faced many difficulties as they forged the way for many changes in their world. Women faced ridicule, harassment, degradation, wage gaps, and opportunity gaps. From a young age girls are taught that they are to be quiet and shy, and to not take one ‘masculine’ hobbies and skills. A girl who steps over the metaphorical line can be outcasted, or ridiculed mercilessly. Many of my sources have a showing of the inequalities of availability for women to be hired and work up to higher level positions are lower than a white man’s. The television series Bomb Girls sets a wonderful example of the women of the time making their world exactly what they want it to be, they are hardworking and determined to show that they are worthy of the same respect the men receive.
Women truly changed the world for themselves, though they still have to fight for their equality today. Adding to the conversation, women started as just the homemakers and children raisers.
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Obvious inequalities could be a wage gap, the likelihood of a male getting a promotion over a female, and the treatment of the women in forms of work-related help, or gender based discrimination. A largely undetected form of inequality in the workplace and in society is the language usage. Examples of this being things like ‘you throw like a girl’; ‘don’t be such a girl’ and other phrases that just generally call anyone who is emotional or weak a female or female like. This use of language very subtly makes women and the gender a joke, it makes them actually be considered lesser, and it affects the way that women look at themselves and how women limit themselves without even realizing
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