Women's Leadership : Where Should They Serve?

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Women’s Leadership Role in Ministry: Where Should They Serve? Take a look around the modern church, and a major demographic is missing. Leadership positions in the church are extremely male dominated. Women have long been a discussion point for the world wide church. As cultural opinions have become more liberal, the Christian community begins to follow suit. However, there are still many churches that hold to their original beliefs. A shift in rules for the church is something to stir questions. If Christians preach only biblical truth, then how can their ideals change? The Bible has not changed at all over time, but has the church changed? There are many ways to answer this question. Perhaps the most significant area of change is in leadership roles. Currently there are women serving in these power roles, but their numbers are extremely limited compared to their male counterparts. According to a ministry report done in 2010 by the Assemblies of God church there are only 516 female pastors compared to the 11,045 male representatives. A major conflict within the church has always been the divide of differing denominations. Within each denomination each church can also have different views. This creates extreme confusion within the secular realm as to what the global church actually believes. For the sake of holding an unbiased opinion, results will be presented from nondenominational sources. Sarah Pulliam, a religion reporter for The Washington Post, states similar
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